The Sea of Time

The wind blew hard, the wind blew fierce,
The darkness it brought stayed for years
The winds of fates does prove unkind,
With the lamps of light gone blind.
I resigned my fate to sorrow;
Both today and tomorrow.
If only I knew, will someone enlighten
Whether heaven and hell will align
in this world for sometime
or is it across the ocean of time?
If God is the creator of Man,
Then I have a question for Him.
Why did he make this clay sphere
filled with the sea of despair?
If it was the Devil that made Man,
Then I have a question for Satan.
Why did you throw us into the sea of gloom
by tricking it as a paradise of bloom
Why did you throw us into the waves of eternal doom?
The windstorm blew out the lights everywhere
Can you tell, is the heaven and hell, here or there?

The First Rain

Monsoon showers,the rain so new;
tell me the magic of the drops you threw.
The sky showered kisses,
on earth’s cheeks with drops of dew.
With scattered pearls of essence,
she fills my heart with her presence.
Her arrival from the heaven above,
with the delicate jingle of her anklets,
echoes the subtle tune of love.
In my dull world, she sprinkled color and it stayed,
Her name written on a rainbow, my world is made.

A Promise to Compromise

Make peace with the sorrows you got,
There will always be bouts of drought.
Existence comes along with grief;
Some last long, and some brief.
But one day, the earth will bloom with a sigh of relief.
The darkness will pass, for it has dawned
Do not stumble again, for you have already staggered,
Noble is he, who steadies himself and still supports the faltered.
All of us err and some of us blunder.
Is there anyone who is not flawed? I wonder.
The ones who learn from faults and finds a purpose,
Discovers a meaning in their existence, I suppose.

The Way of Life

Such is life, a colorful adventure.
Not with the extent of your mansion’s measure,
Nor with all the wealth and the worldly treasures;
The thread of life is sewn through simple pleasures.

A bit of happiness, a spot of gloom,
Such is life, few withers and some colors of bloom.
Some phases of shadow, some bright as noon.
The good and bad moments, all gone too soon.

Life is not just about loss or success.
Accept what it has to offer nonetheless.
Every moment is trial and error;
With each instance, as delicate as a mirror.

Life consists of ups and downs,
Some happiness and some frowns.
That’s just the way it goes, side by side.
Life urges us to accept it all in a stride.

It’s not victory when things are right,
Nor defeat when things are a downward plight.
What matters is the bond which ties us all rife,
Not just to each other, but to the source of life.


The Vivid Painter

Over the lush green carpet of the earth, lies the blue sky;
On which the clouds drift, like delicate palanquins that fly.
Where, over the breeze glides a colorful butterfly.
Blossoms of vibrant colors in every direction,
Every flower adorned with so much attention.
Who is this artist, whose is this creation?

Behold the serene mountain peak;
Like sages in penance, so to speak.
Admire the deep valleys and the narrow creek.
The serpentine river that flows so free.
Standing tall like the flag post; a robust cedar tree.
Who is this poet, whose is this poetry?

Abundance of purity in every part of nature.
Infusing it’s qualities, into our nurture,
Through lifeless forms or a living creature.
Enlightening us, with the infinite wisdom of a preacher.
Through every particle, every pore, every feature.
Who is the sculptor? whose is this signature?

Ask the Maker

The Creator of the earth and everything,
Can easily get away with anything.
But You have always got me wondering.
What were you even thinking?
Or was the heaven so boring;
That you made this world for living.

Why did you make these idols of clay?
These people; these masked faces. I say
Infused a drama called life, where we all play.
Why have you held this fan-fair of youth anyway?
When you just sit and watch the fun from far away.
What is your amusement at your child’s play?

You created attachment and taught us to live as a pair.
You made us laugh in glee and to cry in despair.
Taught us to make friends and adversaries, few here and there.
Revived our dream and gave us some nightmare
When You made everything with so much care,
Why have you made this world so unfair?

Do not stop, with defeat

Do not stop, when failure gives you a sting.
Only after the autumn, comes the pleasures of spring.
This defeat will put you to the test.
So keep moving on your quest.
There will be no companion,
Neither a convoy, nor a procession.
Keep moving, sustained only by your heart.
The destination beckons, so play your part.
And look out; let no one be your distraction,
No matter whatever the attraction.
Keep going, Oh! traveler, do not refrain,
For your destination won’t summon you again.

A Moment in Time

Neither can you advance, nor go back in time.
All that exists; is within this moment sublime.
Scattered along the path are shadows unknown,
Where unseen weeds of ignorance have grown.

You do not know the future, nor can change the past;
Whatever is there, is this moment steadfast.
At this moment, the world is yours to last.
This very moment outdoes centuries passed.

Ahead of this moment, everything becomes stories of fantasies.
This is the only time to fulfill the prophecies.
This moment, you shall receive all that you are due.
For you may not know what lies ahead of you,
Nor can you change what lies behind you.

Only the present moment is lit-up.
Rest is a darkness engulfed setup.
Do not squander this moment on lures,
For, only this instant is yours.

Lost in Time

For each moment, was an era we got;
but a beautiful tragedy, time has wrought.
You are no longer whom I sought,
I am no longer who you thought.

Some paths cross, though poles apart,
as though never to part.
Somewhere you lost the way and drifted away;
a few footsteps later, I too lost my way.

We set forward despite there being no path.
In pursuit of what? Is there an aftermath?
The destination; I have no clue.
for I started a journey; out of the blue.

An Oath, A Lie, Or Both.

Promises, lies, love, loyalty and all,
are mere words that mean nothing at all.
You may have saints and angels all around,
These are sheer illusions that surround.
Everyone is your friend in your prime,
But even your shadow abandons in tough time.
There will never be any love so true,
That the other will walk into the grave with you.
When people deceive God himself above all,
You are an insignificant mortal after all.