The Way of Life

Such is life, a colorful adventure.
Not with the extent of your mansion’s measure,
Nor with all the wealth and the worldly treasures;
The thread of life is sewn through simple pleasures.

A bit of happiness, a spot of gloom,
Such is life, few withers and some colors of bloom.
Some phases of shadow, some bright as noon.
The good and bad moments, all gone too soon.

Life is not just about loss or success.
Accept what it has to offer nonetheless.
Every moment is trial and error;
With each instance, as delicate as a mirror.

Life consists of ups and downs,
Some happiness and some frowns.
That’s just the way it goes, side by side.
Life urges us to accept it all in a stride.

It’s not victory when things are right,
Nor defeat when things are a downward plight.
What matters is the bond which ties us all rife,
Not just to each other, but to the source of life.


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