The Vivid Painter

Over the lush green carpet of the earth, lies the blue sky;
On which the clouds drift, like delicate palanquins that fly.
Where, over the breeze glides a colorful butterfly.
Blossoms of vibrant colors in every direction,
Every flower adorned with so much attention.
Who is this artist, whose is this creation?

Behold the serene mountain peak;
Like sages in penance, so to speak.
Admire the deep valleys and the narrow creek.
The serpentine river that flows so free.
Standing tall like the flag post; a robust cedar tree.
Who is this poet, whose is this poetry?

Abundance of purity in every part of nature.
Infusing it’s qualities, into our nurture,
Through lifeless forms or a living creature.
Enlightening us, with the infinite wisdom of a preacher.
Through every particle, every pore, every feature.
Who is the sculptor? whose is this signature?

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