Ask the Maker

The Creator of the earth and everything,
Can easily get away with anything.
But You have always got me wondering.
What were you even thinking?
Or was the heaven so boring;
That you made this world for living.

Why did you make these idols of clay?
These people; these masked faces. I say
Infused a drama called life, where we all play.
Why have you held this fan-fair of youth anyway?
When you just sit and watch the fun from far away.
What is your amusement at your child’s play?

You created attachment and taught us to live as a pair.
You made us laugh in glee and to cry in despair.
Taught us to make friends and adversaries, few here and there.
Revived our dream and gave us some nightmare
When You made everything with so much care,
Why have you made this world so unfair?

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