In the Lime-light

Balram, being one of those who took the most simple things too seriously, he normally gave too much thought to unimportant things. One day, his mother asked him to buy a few lemons from the shop at the end of the street. As usual, being the one who gave unnecessary thought for small things, he decided to go to a traders market that was a few miles away because it would be cheaper there. Although anyone else would normally pick up the lemons, which would normally cost Rupees 3 to 4 each, at any local neighborhood shop. Balram spent over an hour making a trip to the market, without realizing that the petrol spent to commute would cost a lot more. In any case, he went to the market on the scooter and parked it at a distance and walked through the crowded roads to locate a vendor who sells lemons. Eventually he found a vendor who had a large basket of lemons and many more stacked in his shop.  Balram began his lengthy conversations and his inquiries about the agriculture, the region, and the origins of the lemon. He felt it was necessary to negotiate the cost of lemons. He was particularly happy that the lemons cost him one rupee lesser than the local vegetable store. But as usual, he still gave it a little more contemplation and asked the vendor if the price could be reduced further if he bought a large quantity. Since it was a wholesalers market, usually the fruits and produce were traded in truckloads .It wasn’t unusual for such requirements in a wholesale market and the vendors get accustomed to such requests. So, the vendor agreed and asked how much would be required and then, Balram in all his generosity told the vendor that he wanted 15 lemons.

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