Company Act


Balram once went to attend a job interview. He was referred by a friend when there was a job vacancy in his company. Balram dressed in his best attire in what he thought was formal outfit with a red striped tie that was quite a mismatch to his light blue trousers and yellow shirt. In any case, he met the respective recruiter and with the usual formality of an interview, she said “tell me something about yourself” Balram immediately fell into a monologue about his family, his pet dogs and uncles and aunts and his grandparents. He completely missed out the information about ‘himself’ in this process.

The baffled recruiter in her confused state was trying to compose herself when the immediate manager walked into the room apologizing for the delay. As formality demanded she introduced Balram to the manager who would sit through the rest of the interview. After a while, the manager who must have been equally flabbergasted perhaps wanted to end the ordeal, he said, “Balram we are a bit held up today, so can we have the rest of the interview tomorrow? One of us will call you on your number”. To which Balram thought for a minute and said “I am quite busy tomorrow so why don’t you keep yourself free the day after tomorrow”. Balram was perhaps the first candidate who gave an appointment to the recruiter and the manager for a job interview.

Some days later, Balram got a job in a retail outlet chain. His job was to identify localities and properties suitable for business. He surprisingly took to this job like a duckling to water. He spent most of his time scouting the city. Over a period of time, he became good at his work and he got along with people as he was quite warmhearted otherwise.

One day, he was asked to inspect and submit a certain feedback to the CEO directly as his reporting manager was not available. That evening there seemed to be some discrepancy in the feedback and there was a heated argument between Balram and the CEO. Apparently, the CEO had approved of a property that belonged to his acquaintance to set up a new outlet and Balram considered that it was not the appropriate location. He clearly submitted a report that said the CEO was mistaken and the property was not suitable. The CEO, in a fit of rage forgot his professionalism and threw the printed sheets of reports onto Balram’s face. Now, Balram with his usual temperament picked up those papers from the floor and said “I am the one who is out on the field and I have more practical knowledge about the feasibility of these outlets than someone who sits at office all day. Saying this he threw the reports back on the CEOs face and walked out of the office.

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