Sing along

Padmini was a pleasant and cheerful lady. She was always smiling and got along with anyone. All her friends and neighbors liked her. She had married the man she loved during her college days and was quite contented with her life. The marriage had borne her a fine son named Suraj. Even though Padmini and her husband were calm and collected, the 6-year-old boy turned out to be hyperactive who always kept everyone on their toes.

Usually, during holidays, Suraj went to visit his Grandparents who lived in the same city. He always looked forward to such holidays as he always had a good time being petted and pampered by his grandparents who always fussed over him.

One day, Suraj and his grandmother went to a wedding ceremony in the neighborhood. Suraj found a few boys of the same age group and began to play with them. After a while, he wanted to go to the toilet to relieve himself. He saw his grandmother gossiping with her cronies across the hall. He called out to her a few times to take him to the toilet but she didn’t hear him at the noisy gathering. Suraj being a bright boy noticed a microphone beside him on a platform that was being used by the men who played musical instruments. He climbed on to it and announced loudly to his grandmother that he had to urgently go to the washroom. Even though most people were amused with the incident, his Grand mother was quite embarrassed. After the wedding, on the way back home she advised Suraj “ The next time you want to use the toilet, just say, Grandma I want to sing”,I will understand and take you to the washroom.

A few days later, Suraj was having an afternoon siesta with his Grandfather when he felt the urge. He said, “Grandpa, I want to sing”. The Grandfather, unaware of this new development of the code language said, “ Not now Suraj, you sleep for sometime. You can sing later in the evening”. Suraj obediently held on for another 10 minutes and when it became unbearable he shook his Grandfather awake and said, “I really have to sing now”. Even though he was annoyed for being disturbed during his nap, the affection for his Grandson took over. He closed his eyes turned around on the bed and said ” Alright Suraj. If you really feel like singing now, you can sing softly into my ears”

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