The Catalyst for Confusion

Everyone in the family pampered Pinky and she was quite spoilt and fussy. More often than not, her necessities were taken care of even before she asked for anything. She was raised in abundance, since even her tantrums were taken seriously. Her parents and grandparents fulfilled all her whims and fancies, and numerous maids and servants waited upon her. But then, there were some days when she felt that she was proficient of doing things on her own, even though most of them ended in disaster. It was one of such instances when she decided to be responsible and independent. She wanted to prove that women were equal to men in every way.

One fine morning, she declared that,she would henceforth drive the car by herself. Her car was unused for many months, since she was usually driven around in one of the chauffeur driven cars. However, that eventful day she was adamant about driving her own car. Promptly, the car was sent for a check up and serviced.  When the car was back, it was noticed that the fuel tank was almost empty and so, her father instructed the driver to siphon some petrol in a bottle in order to drive the car up to the petrol bunk to fill it up. But being in one of her celebrated moods, Pinky decided that she could do it herself.

But then, after a lot of cajoling, Pinky was persuaded to go in another car, along with the driver to bring back the required petrol in a container. She set out and as she reached the car, the driver politely opened the door for her. Pinky threw a tantrum about how she could handle everything by herself and did not need anyone to assist her. Eventually, she was pacified and accompanied by her father and she was driven to the petrol bunk, where she demanded that the driver and her father had to stay in the car, while she would prove that she could do this job as perfectly as anyone else.

Carrying an empty container, she walked proudly into the petrol bunk and demanded for 2 liters of petrol.  The attendant politely refused, but before he could complete the sentence, Pinky threw a fit. She stormed into the manager’s cabin and complained that the attendants were hopelessly inefficient and she was dissatisfied with the service. After protesting furiously and making lengthy arguments, she paused for a moment, to catch her breath, and that’s when the attendant pointed out saying “Madam, I didn’t refuse to give you the petrol, I was merely trying to point out that you can’t fit in 2 litres of petrol into a 1 litre bottle”.

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