Cooking up a Storm

“Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth” was an understatement to Pinky’s upbringing. For her, it was a golden spoon. Petted and pampered by everyone, she had a very easy and plentiful life. Ask her about any household chores and her reply would be “I have never done it all my life”. But yes, ask her a simple question that requires only a one word reply, and she would instantly fall into a monotonous conversation explaining irrelevant facts since the beginning of time. But the real question would be lost in this chatter.

One day, she decided to explore the opportunity of cooking a meal for her family. After stern instructions to the maids and other domestic help, she banned everyone from entering the kitchen. All the while, she complained that the kitchen was a very warm place and instructed everyone in general that an air conditioner has to be installed in the kitchen immediately.

Armed with a cookbook and the required ingredients, she began the adventure of exploiting her culinary skills. Many hours later, after a lot of exertion and a lot of noise emancipating from the kitchen, she finally stormed out of the kitchen throwing her hands in despair. She flung the book in disgust and sat down in front of her patiently waiting hungry family and yelled at everyone like it was their fault. She proclaimed the book was wrong and it must be banned. “I did everything exactly the way the book had instructed and followed each and every step” she exclaimed.  “The book says the cooking time is 30 minutes and it’s been 4 hours now! The recipe is wrong I tell you!!” She warned everyone.

After a lot of fretting, fuming and blaming everyone else for the failed efforts, she eventually calmed down. Meanwhile, her mother walked up to the kitchen to find the utensils kept on the stove, all the vegetables and ingredients in its perfect ratio, but still uncooked. When her mother questioned why she hadn’t lit the fire, she tossed her head and replied “Well, it’s not my fault; I told you the book was useless, it said nothing about lighting the stove”

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