The Trouble With Double

True to his name, Balram was strong and built like a bull. He was quite a simpleton; very jovial and quickly got friendly with anyone, but he was a little slow witted. He was the sorts who would blindly do what was asked of him, but would not think or question why it had to be done. He had always been forgetful and careless but sometimes he gave serious thoughts to things that one normally didn’t. His needs were simple but his doubts were such that it made you wish that if Balram wasn’t so tall and strong, you would have loved to beat him up for the sheer stupidity of his questions.

For instance Balram once sincerely believed that he had solved his friend’s dilemma. A few days earlier, his friend Girish had casually mentioned that he was confused about selecting a wedding gift for another friend. Girish wanted to give something useful, not the usual showpieces one usually gifted, but a souvenir with a personal touch, which would remind the newly wedded friend about him.

Concerned as he was, Balram, after a lot of contemplation had concluded the most useful gift one can ever give is a toothbrush. He justified that it was not only useful, but will also constantly serve as a reminder every single morning.

One evening Balram was idling away his time munching on some roasted peanuts, when one of his neighbors, walked up him accompanied by another two boys of the same age group. He immediately welcomed them exclaiming “Oh! These are the twin cousins you mentioned to me yesterday”.

Balram immediately warmed up to the guests and began to have a conversation. He was quite excited about being acquainted with the twin brothers. After spending the entire evening with his new friends, Balram was quite pleased to have new company, but a thought had been gnawing him for sometime. Finally after giving it a lot of thought, he sincerely confessed that he had a question to his new friends. He curiously asked “Have you both been twins since childhood?”

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