“Better Late Than Never”

The scribe & scribbles


With an 8 year sabbatical behind me, I walk into my new work place at CyberMedia, Gurgaon.With oodles of apprehensions and worries, I thought to myself, “What am I doing here? I’ll be lost in this crowd, leave alone creating a niche for myself.”

7th May’2012, dressed up in the best of my attire, I walk into the floor to the HR team, and have my initial introductions to my colleagues and my immediate reporting manager. I hardly settled down on my seat, and I’m asked to participate in a conference call with my project manager (in Bangalore), for one of the projects that I would be managing. “Hi Arjun, Good Morning, we have Pamposh here, who has just joined in today as our copy editor” said my brand new manager. Enthusiastically, I reach out to the speakerphone, after a warm “Hi!” to the voice on the other side, I’m…

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